Advertising is our forté.

You know when it happens… you are flipping through a magazine at your local coffee shop, sipping your half caf soy latte, and you find yourself drawn to an advertisement. Why? Because the design company who put it forth to your viewing eyes poured their heart, mind and creative soul into that one, single message. Maybe it was the headline, maybe it was the photo… but something magical kept you from turning the page. That is what we strive to achieve.

Here are some of our favorites…

Saddle Network

Looking for a new campaign for 2013, our idea was to promote the brand through the well known names in the industry who trusted their tack and equipment to the protection from SN. Keeping the image and message simple, the riders are not the focus of the image, also drawn back in black and white, while the saddle and ID tag are in color in the focus of the photo.

SaddleNetwork-Hope ShowBiz-Fall-SN-Duncan2


Round Meadow Farm
The view from up here is beautiful, come see it with us.

Created for the West Coast Jumper Table Book, this ad for RMF was inspired by the trainers frequent facebook posts of ‘her days at the office’ spent looking between the ears of many excellent horses. Managed to sneak in a nod to barn sponsor CWD as well.

For smaller publications, we are developing a branded image that can hold more information as well as promote the ‘Team’ feeling of RMF.



Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Looking for continuity in their brand, Giant Steps approached us to work on their marketing for 2013 (we are very excited to work for a group with such a great purpose!). Just getting started, but the look is pared down from the text heavy ads prior to this year, keeping the focus on the message with as little imagery as possible to get as much impact out of the page as possible,



Italian Equestrian

Great style is beautiful in any language...

Italian Equestrian is a provider of beautiful Italian made equestrian apparel the West Coast, shipping all over the United States. We needed an ad to stand out in a variety of publications to showcase the apparel and the message, having a feeling more of a fashion ad in mainstream magazines then typical horse publications.



Sandhaven Farm

Sandhaven-Stal Hendrix

Rachel Fields was looking for an innovative way to advertise the array of amazing horses they have purchased from breeder Stal Hendrix in this two page ad spread in Horse & Style magazine. Playing off the angles of their logo, and cropping each horse close up to capture more personality and power, the customer was very pleased.


Rockridge Ranch

Needing an ad for an industry magazine, but having no more then a logo and a handful of photos, we put together this ad to illustratrate the inviting, peaceful nature of the property and its retired population.


Blicher Horses

Full page ad and flyer for Blicher Horses, based in Denmark. This beautiful Oldenburg stallion was located in Sacramento.


Palm Springs Police Association

Boon Realty

With no time to spare, this half page ad for an upscale equestrian magazine had to be created to meet a tight deadline. It was approved on the first version.

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