Silence in the room

Applehead Design has been a busy little bee! When we are the quietest, it means we are putting all of our energy into our great customers, and that is when our own promotions and web posts seem to diminish!

Our facebook page is usually up to date with new ad designs, logos and invitations, so don’t miss out on becoming a fan.

We promise to get posting soon and update you on many exciting changes in-house!

Businesses need New Year Resolutions too!

Are you doing the best you can to promote your business? There are so many options and ways to effectively promote yourself… even on a budget! We can create a plan for you for 2013 that makes the most of your advertising budget, finding the best avenues of both social media and printed material to promote your business all year long.

What is the first step? Just give us a call!

2013-General Market-Promo

Support the ones that protect you!

If you have not heard yet, the 2013 Sacramento County Sheriff K9 Association Calendar is out and ready for purchase!

This ‘little project’ is one that is near and dear to our hearts here at Applehead Design. Three years ago, Deputy Shane Gregory was on air with Rob, Arnie and Dawn at 98 Rock. A discussion came up about possible fundraisers they were considering to pay for things like the K9’s bulletproof vests, the dogs medical care, training equipment and more… all of which would be the financial resposibility of the Deputy handlers. We called in, offered our services pro-bono and got to work! After some searching and a few phone calls, XSiGHT Photography of Sacramento was on board to photograph the entire thing free of charge.

This is the third year we have teamed up to produce a calendar for the SSDK9 Association and after the first week, are happy to say that the first half of the order has already been purchased, which means… time is running out for you to get one of these on your wall!

Head over to the SSDK9 Online Store to get yours!

The light at the end of the ingate…

To say September was crazy is an understatement. 200 pages of content, advertising and layout, vehicle lettering, campaign pitches, horse show promotional packages, 2013 calendars, banners, billboards, golf tournament brochures, social media… and a 15 month old crawling around all the while!

Applehead Design is happy to say that the latest issue of Horse & Style Magazine is available online at and will be available at the NorCal Medal Finals this week.

We are also excited to announce that we are interviewing again for experienced graphic designers. With the addition of three new clients in the last couple weeks, it is time to get some more working hours out of the day and bring in more creative talent! If you know a graphic designer looking for an average of 15 hours a week, starting at $20/hr, send them this way!


What makes your ‘perfect horse show’

Alrighty riders, trainers, pony kids… Applehead Design is all ears! You know we are involved in many Northern California shows, and we want to know what make a ‘perfect’ show experience for you, your barn mates and your family. Name anything; classes, events, parties, arena set ups, even your favorite staff! Use your imagination too… you never know what magic some of these managers can pull out of their hats!

New boat lettering for Folsom Lake!

Thanks to new customer Will Deutch, our most recent vehicle graphics are on the back end of a 20 foot Santana at Folsom Lake. Look forward to seeing pictures of it in the water this weekend at the One Handed Races!

2 color boat lettering for a 20 foot Santana at Folsom Lake.

Horse & Style Magazine Aug/Sept issue

Happy to say the latest version of A:D client Horse & Style Magazine is ‘on the shelves’ both digitally and at the back gate! This is a great issue with all of your favorite reocurring articles such as ’10 Things’ about farrier Jeff Phalen, Style Profiles with a London twist (megga!) and an indepth behind the scenes article on the brand Ariat, which subsequently features A:D clients Jill Humphrey (Leone Equestrians), Sami Milo (Cavallo Stables) and Brian Wee (Windfall Farms)!

Check out the online issue at!

Menlo Charity Horse Show

Saturday was definately an excellent day for a horse show! Had a beautiful trip and was happy to see Guy Thomas and Peterbilt bring home the win in the $40,000 Grand Prix. They are such an amazing pair! Check out Willow Trees website, currently in construction at!

photo ©Ryan Anne Polli

In the beginning…

After many years of postponing a revamp of our website, the time finally came when we couldn’t stand to look at it any further. The long winded text, the small portfolio pics… chalk it up to inexperience. The bottom line is, it had to be redone. For a long time, Applehead has touted that it spends more time on its customers image then its own, but as we plan to expand and reach out to the non-equestrian world, it was time to start anew!

Welcome to the new!

You will find an array of information here in the upcoming months. New works in progress, upcoming horse shows and the meanderings of a studio gaining speed toward a new age.

Enjoy 🙂