Support the ones that protect you!

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If you have not heard yet, the 2013 Sacramento County Sheriff K9 Association Calendar is out and ready for purchase!

This ‘little project’ is one that is near and dear to our hearts here at Applehead Design. Three years ago, Deputy Shane Gregory was on air with Rob, Arnie and Dawn at 98 Rock. A discussion came up about possible fundraisers they were considering to pay for things like the K9’s bulletproof vests, the dogs medical care, training equipment and more… all of which would be the financial resposibility of the Deputy handlers. We called in, offered our services pro-bono and got to work! After some searching and a few phone calls, XSiGHT Photography of Sacramento was on board to photograph the entire thing free of charge.

This is the third year we have teamed up to produce a calendar for the SSDK9 Association and after the first week, are happy to say that the first half of the order has already been purchased, which means… time is running out for you to get one of these on your wall!

Head over to the SSDK9 Online Store to get yours!